Mercedes-Benz van signwriting

A black Mercedes-Benz Vito seems like the perfect candidate for van signage, and so for JB Performance Bikes we kept it nice and simple but contrasted it with silver vinyl.


Because it’s cast vinyl, it will last for years, and will give an impact no matter what the lighting or conditions.


Van signwriting is certainly a good idea for anyone who wants to promote themselves. The van’s condition, though, is critical. It needs to be brand new or with extremely good paintwork.

We can either signwrite your design, or we can create a design for you – it’s your choice. Head to our contact page to ask us how our expertise can help you to promote your business.

Van signwriting for a Peugeot Expert L2

Commonly these days, people are requesting digital prints on their vans. In the case of this Peugeot Expert L2 owner, however, vinyl cut signs were recommended.


Vinyls will give a longer life than a print and when you’re signwriting a van, this is an important consideration.


The look is achieved by using signage in several layers which gives an outline effect but still maintaining longevity.


Van signs are cheaper than a Yellow Pages advert, but are always in people’s minds as the van drives past. If you’ve got a Peugeot van you require signs on, or indeed any van, Perth Graphics Centre can help you. Head to our contact page and request a quote.

Signwriting a Toyota Hiace


The Toyota Hiace is a popular vehicle for signwriting as it’s the choice of most tradespeople and features large flat sides.


Here you can see some basic signage on the sides and a one way vision film for the window.


The rest of the signwriting is using high performance cast vinyl which is vinyl cut and applied to the van’s bodywork. Traditional methods like paint are no longer used, because once this customer has finished with the Toyota Hiace, they can remove the vinyl cut lettering cleanly and resell. Imagine removing paint…

That’s why signwriting with vinyl lettering is so much better. And it lasts longer, too.

Signwriting a Hyundai iLoad


The Hyundai iLoad is becoming an extremely popular van for tradies looking to have a cheap runabout while still getting an excellent warranty. Signwriting on the Hyundai iLoad is also simple.


Here’s an example of a partial wrap with the sides being printed and the text vinyl cut. The window is made from one way vision with overlaminate and all of it is produced using high quality seven year cast vinyl.

Head to our contact page for a quote for signwriting your van, car, truck or bus.

Van signwriting – use signage to brighten your vehicle


If you’ve just bought a white van, it’s obviously for work purposes. It can look a little bland, however we see it as a blank canvas to create a moving billboard.


Signwriting can transform your white vehicle by adding colour, different fonts, photos and logos, to give your corporate identity a touch of class.


Take this Mercedes Vito for example. We’ve turned it into a mobile coffee shop, and using high performance cast seven-year vinyls it’s going to last for years. It won’t fade, peel or crack and is able to withstand the harshest elements with proper care.


If you want fleet signage, or just a single car signwritten, then ask as for a quote – we’re up for the challenge!