Pull up banners: Perth Graphics Centre leads the way in quality

Over the years producing pull up banners, Perth Graphics Centre has noticed a gradual shift toward companies relying on overseas production. Perth Graphics Centre, however, makes all of its pull banners here in Perth, in our Malaga production facility.


This ensures you get excellent turnaround, good pricing and quality that we’re happy to stand behind. Our pull up banners are all printed using a super high resolution printer, onto a non-curl film so that when you pull the banner out of its cassette, it looks its best.

In addition, we laminate the face with a protective clear film which prevents scuffing or scratching of the print, ensuring your pull up banner lasts as long as possible.

So, if you’re in need of pull up banners, Perth Graphics Centre is the place to go.

Aluminium signs

Why use aluminium for your signs? Perth Graphics Centre is only too happy to recommend it be used in certain signage applications, because of its longevity, its strength and its lightness.


Seen here are some signs in Osborne Park, which Perth Graphics Centre has installed onto both a tilt-up concrete building and onto a pylon sign. Replacement faces were the easiest way to spruce up the pylon sign and aluminium signs ensure a long lasting result without adding unnecessary weight.


Because the sheets are manufactured larger than Colorbond (Signwhite), a standard sign, like the one above can be made in one piece, rather than two. This gives a cleaner looking sign and less chance of movement during expansion and contraction.


If you’d like to have some aluminium signage installed in Perth, then please email us to ask for a quote. Just head to our contact page or email us at info@pgc.com.au.

Freestanding signs

Many Perth businesses need to catch the eye of traffic passing by, so freestanding signs are an excellent idea.


Constructed from galvanised and painted steel, they’re made to last for years. Perth Graphics Centre also makes its sign faces from either aluminium composite panel or Signwhite (Colorbond), ensuring that longevity is consistently achieved.


Though this is just a basic freestanding sign, Perth Graphics Centre can create something completely unique to suit your needs. Why not call us and ask for a quote? Head to our contact page and we look forward to helping you with your signage needs.

Building signage: Long-lasting metal signs

If you have a sign that’s getting battered by the sun’s UV rays, you’ll see evidence by fading and chalking or the edges starting to curl.


Signs made by Perth Graphics Centre, however, don’t suffer this issue. We make our signs from high-quality aluminium or Colorbond metal, with long-lasting cast vinyls which endure Perth’s weather, meaning signs which stand the test of time.


Perth Graphics Centre’s signs are made to last, so if you want your business branding to look its best, please head to our contact page and email us or call (08) 9248 6226.