Mercedes-Benz van signwriting

A black Mercedes-Benz Vito seems like the perfect candidate for van signage, and so for JB Performance Bikes we kept it nice and simple but contrasted it with silver vinyl.


Because it’s cast vinyl, it will last for years, and will give an impact no matter what the lighting or conditions.


Van signwriting is certainly a good idea for anyone who wants to promote themselves. The van’s condition, though, is critical. It needs to be brand new or with extremely good paintwork.

We can either signwrite your design, or we can create a design for you – it’s your choice. Head to our contact page to ask us how our expertise can help you to promote your business.

Toyota Corolla signage

Signwriting a small car can have its challenges, however Perth Graphics Centre’s experienced team of designers and installers can ensure your company’s image stands out like nothing else.


We have used a combination of high quality digital print and vinyl cut signs to give Fencemasters their best look.


The back window is covered in Clear Focus one-way-vision film with a protective overlaminate, and it allows the driver to see out of the back while still getting the company’s message across.

Mazda Bravo Ute Signwriting

Ute signwriting is particularly common these days, with most utes having plenty of space to signwrite.


In the case of Heli-One, we used vinyl-cut signage on the sides of this Mazda Bravo and then riveted a piece of metal signage on the back tray.


This is a fairly simple and cost-effective way of getting a business’s name out in the public eye, and also catches attention with its bold side graphics.