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Life size cardboard cut out – Five Senses Coffee 1

Life size cardboard cut out – Five Senses Coffee

The guys over at Five Senses Coffee have a great sense of humour, plus they make the best coffee on earth. As a practical joke, Dean from Five Senses Coffee has been made into a cardboard cutout – they can then make fun of him, and not worry about the repercussions. Well, that’s what the theory is, anyway. As with all life sized cardboard cutouts, custom work is our specialty. Please note that copyrighted material is not possible (e.g. James Bond, Madonna, Justin Bieber, etc) unless you have permission and a high resolution file. But if you’re having a party...

Life-size Cardboard Cutouts 61

Life-size Cardboard Cutouts

You may know these guys as George and Gary from a hit reality TV cooking show. No, we didn’t have them in our office, but we did produce these cardboard cutouts for Zesti Woodfired Ovens. If you need a character made into a cardboard cutout (well, technically a plastic cutout) at life size, then we can help. From one off to several hundred, as long as the photo is crisp, we can trick your eyes into believing that your favourite personality is really sitting in your office. The price for a standard six-foot cutout with a stand is $150, plus...