Lifesize cutouts

With our new flatbed printer, we have been able to ramp up production of our lifesize cutouts. Because we print directly to the boards, repeatablity for long runs is simple, while one-offs can be catered for as well.


Seen here is a lifesize cutout for the West Coast Eagles, with the head taken out so people can stand behind it and instantly “become” one of the Eagles. It’s a clever little marketing tool, and one that may work well for your business.

If you have a promotion where lifesize cutouts would be of use, then by all means email us the picture you’d like to use and we’ll happily supply you a price. Whether it’s a one-off for a wedding, or fifty for shopping centres, Perth Graphics Centre will be able to help. Just click here to request a quote.

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  • Tamara| May 19, 2012

    Hi, I am wondering about getting 3-5 life-size cut outs done for an art exhibition I am doing through uni. It will depend upon the cost and if you can have them ready for next Sunday the 27th May. I have digital images I can supply to you. Please let me know asap. Kind Thanks, Tamara

  • Karyn| June 5, 2012

    Hi, Am wondering if I could please get a quote for a Darren Lockyer (in QLD State of Origin gear) lifesize stand up cut out. I am in Brisbane CBD and would ideally like the cut out within the next two weeks.

  • Jade| June 7, 2012

    Hi, I am having an 80’s themed 21st and would love to have a few life size cut outs as props. A michael Jackson, Madonna, George Michael etc how much would I be looking at? I live on the sunshine coast, qld.

  • Beth| June 28, 2012

    I am looking for a life sized cut out for my crazed One Direction friend,
    her party is this saturday and i was wondering how much it costs and how long it takes to be made? (it’s of Niall Horan)

    Thanks 🙂

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