Corflute Signs: Perth’s best pricing and turnaround

When you want a cheap, lightweight sign, corflute is the product to choose, and when you need corflute signs, Perth Graphics Centre is the place to head.


Our customers keep coming back for more corflute signs because Perth Graphics Centre prints them quickly and cheaply. And with Perth’s best service, what more can you ask for?


Our corflute printing process

Rather than fiddle with costly setup for screenprinting, Perth Graphics Centre prints corflute signs with a state of the art UV-curable flatbed printer. The colours pop, the edges are crisp and the inks last outdoors for years.

You can see above a photo of our printer in action, with liquid plastic inks which cure and bond to the surface when passed by a UV lamp. The results are spectacular and because we print all our corflute signs in house, there’s no waiting around. If you want blank corflute sheets we can supply those, too.

With our printers running every day, we’re fast and because we’re always making corflute signs, Perth Graphics Centre can keep the costs down, too.

So, when you want corflute signs, Perth Graphics Centre should be the first place to head. We’re looking forward to helping you with your signage needs.

Small quantities of stickers – short run printing

Forget screenprinting – short run printing of stickers is a specialty at Perth Graphics Centre. Whether it’s a one-off or even a few, we’re able to print them in no time at all.


Years ago, digital printing was frowned upon because of it’s low resolution and short outdoor life. Not anymore. Perth Graphics Centre has invested in the latest in printing equipment, and whether it be bumper stickers or something a bit longer lasting, we can accomodate.


Short run printing done simply

Our digital printers use inks which emulate screen printing ink, meaning they’re tough and UV durable but because we can print one-offs, we’re not limited to a particular size, shape or colour. We can print one off photos or we can do solid colour as well. Seen here are stickers for Shannons Insurance to be used at Targa West. These windscreen banner stickers would be too costly to set up for screenprinting, so our printers were able to knock these out very quickly.


The client was ecstatic when he picked up the stickers, proving that small quantities are no cause for concern. Small quantities of stickers can be used even for trial runs before committing to a larger run. So, if you have a small amount of stickers you’d like done, then see us at Perth Graphics Centre. We can do one or one thousand – we’re happy to help with whatever you need.