Holden Commodore Sportwagon – vinyl cut lettering

One good turn deserves another. We applied vinyl cut signwriting to the Mothers Commodore Sportwagon in black, and now we’ve done it in white.


The vinyl we used was a high performance cast vinyl, made by Avery, and with its non-fade, non-shrink properties, it will last for years to come.


It also can be removed without damaging paintwork, which means the car can be sold later without any issues.

If you want vinyl cut lettering for your signage on your car, please ask for a quotation and our professional team will be happy to help.

Signwriting a Toyota Hiace


The Toyota Hiace is a popular vehicle for signwriting as it’s the choice of most tradespeople and features large flat sides.


Here you can see some basic signage on the sides and a one way vision film for the window.


The rest of the signwriting is using high performance cast vinyl which is vinyl cut and applied to the van’s bodywork. Traditional methods like paint are no longer used, because once this customer has finished with the Toyota Hiace, they can remove the vinyl cut lettering cleanly and resell. Imagine removing paint…

That’s why signwriting with vinyl lettering is so much better. And it lasts longer, too.