Ford Ranger ute signwriting

Signwriting for utes has always been popular and now with so many different models to choose from, it makes our job that much more interesting.


We created this signage on a Ford Ranger ute to give it the necessary branding the company required. While a fairly basic job in terms of design, it lifts an otherwise boring ute.


Are there vehicles on your fleet without signage? Perth Graphics Centre can help!

Hilux ute vehicle signs

Perth Graphics Centre is often asked to design vehicle signs for work utes, and in this case, PR Power, a rental company, asked us to fit vinyl cut lettering to its Hilux.


Using two colours, we achieved a striking result, and one that turns a boring white Hilux into an interesting moving billboard.


The Hilux commands attention no matter where it goes, and as a service vehicle, makes itself easily identified – and that’s the point of signs, really.

Do you have a Hilux you want signage on? If so, call us and ask for a quote.