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Corflute Signs

A light-weight, cheap solution for temporary signs, corflute signs come in 3mm and 5mm thicknesses.

Metal Signs

For a more permanent solution, metal signs will last the distance and can be made to almost any size.


Vinyl banners are a portable, yet bold way of getting your message across. Cover a fence or cover a building - the choice is yours.


Whether it's bumper stickers or underwater labelling, we can create stickers of all shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

Signs by Perth Graphics Centre

  • Corflute Signs: Perth’s best pricing and turnaround

    When you want a cheap, lightweight sign, corflute is the product to choose, and when you need corflute signs, Perth Graphics Centre is the place to head.

    Our customers keep coming back for more corflute signs because Perth Graphics Centre prints them quickly and cheaply. And with Perth’s best service, what more can you ask for?

    Our corflute printing process
    Rather than fiddle with costly setup for screenprinting, Perth Graphics Centre prints corflute signs with a state of the art UV-curable flatbed printer. The colours pop, the edges are crisp and the inks last outdoors for years.
    You can see above a photo of our […]

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  • Small quantities of stickers – short run printing

    Forget screenprinting – short run printing of stickers is a specialty at Perth Graphics Centre. Whether it’s a one-off or even a few, we’re able to print them in no time at all.

    Years ago, digital printing was frowned upon because of it’s low resolution and short outdoor life. Not anymore. Perth Graphics Centre has invested in the latest in printing equipment, and whether it be bumper stickers or something a bit longer lasting, we can accomodate.

    Short run printing done simply
    Our digital printers use inks which emulate screen printing ink, meaning they’re tough and UV durable but because we can print one-offs, we’re […]

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  • Banners Perth’s best quality and quickest turnaround

    When it comes to banners Perth Graphics Centre has it nailed. We print banners here in our Perth manufacturing plant day in, day out, which means we have complete control over the whole banner production process.

    Not only that, but we can install banners as well – Perth Graphics Centre is therefore your complete sign shop for banners.

    What makes our banners so good?
    It comes down to our materials choices. We have carefully selected the woven PVC that works best with our printers as well as the ones which will stand up to wind and rain for the longest period. Banners are susceptible to […]

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  • New shop signage for Morley Coventry Markets

    Morley’s Coventry Markets is a bustling centre with plenty of traffic and good exposure. Which is why any signage that is used to promote a shop should be bold and bright.

    For Discount Cosmetics, this is exactly what we’ve done. Using aluminium composite panels with full colour print, we’ve gone for a hot pink that really grabs attention. Contrast that with white text and a black background and you’ve got signage which does its job very effectively.

    How to make shop signage stand out
    The trick to making shop signage work is taking into account the background it’s going on. Is there a frame or […]

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  • Window Signage: Perth camera shop turns to PGC

    More and more Perth business are coming to PGC for window signage. Perth Graphics Centre knows glass signage and how to best make use of your windows.

    Take this window for Leederville Camera House, for example. Perth Graphics Centre was called in when a supplier from over east supplied the wrong product for the job. With our machines primed and ready to go, we were able to turn the job around in a couple of days.
    How we do window signs

    The artwork was prepped and we printed the job on our large format printer using outdoor inks. We then hustled off to site to […]

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  • Fleet signwriting: Perth Graphics Centre pumps out more cars for Fisheries

    Fleet signwriting may seem like a simple task, but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Here at Perth Graphics Centre, we cover all bases, including signage materials choices, ink types, the use of protective overlaminates and surface preparation.

    Fleet signwriting materials
    When signwriting a fleet, there’s only really one choice for vinyls – cast. We use a variety of cast materials, but we’ve settled on Avery vinyls because of their quality, colour consistency and printability.

    To make sure it all matches, we also use Avery overlaminates. The expansion and contraction of the two vinyls is then equal, and why is that […]

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  • Fleet Signwriting: Perth Graphics Centre completes trucks for Perth Bin Hire

    When creating signage for a fleet, Perth Graphics Centre is meticulous about colour-matching, materials choice and surface preparation. And fleet signage needs to be readable, too. That’s why for Perth Bin Hire, we opted for a simple and bold approach.

    The lettering is done using cast vinyl, which is the best quality available in the industry. Ask any vinyl supplier which of their products lasts the longest and the answer will always be the same – cast vinyl. It’s a poured film, rather than stretched, so there’s never a risk of it lifting or curling up at the edges, which happens with cheaper […]

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  • See through signage for shop windows using one way vision

    One way vision films on windows allow you to use large areas of glass for advertising, and here at Perth Graphics Centre we have the film in stock and ready to go.

    With expertise in not only fitting the films but also printing them as well, you’ll find that entrusting your shop windows to Perth Graphics Centre is a clever move.

    Seen here is a series of windows printed and installed for Karizma Hair in Armadale, where our choice of laminates has allowed the customers to still see through the film while cutting down some of the light and heat as well as […]

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  • Lightbox face replacement: Perth Graphics Centre has the know-how

    In today’s budget-conscious world, using existing resources makes a lot of sense. For example, using an existing lightbox and replacing the faces is one way to save some money. But how do you know you’re getting a quality product?

    Here at Perth Graphics Centre, we don’t just patch over existing acrylic, we replace it entirely. As you can see from the sign above, we’ve used new opal acrylic and printed a new logo to rebrand this cafe in Mirrabooka.

    The lightbox was structurally sound, which is the first thing we check. If there are any doubts as to the structural integrity of the sign, […]

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  • Fascia Signage – Remember, signs look smaller when they’re installed

    When planning for your building fascia signage, it’s a good idea to get a professional measurement done to make sure your signs will best fit the area intended. After years of experience, we find that proper measurements for signage at the quoting phase is critical, particularly because most signs look a lot smaller than you think.

    For example, here is a sign that was measured properly, and it shows. Have a guess at what size this sign actually is.

    It measures four metres wide and is 1.5 metres tall. But to look at you’d think it’s much smaller. And had we have been given […]

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  • Metal building signs – big or small

    In addition to corflute signs, banners and posters, did you know Perth Graphics Centre also manufactures and installs metal signs? The building sign you see here for Contitech is a great example.

    Made from powdercoated metal, this six metre wide sign is designed to last for ten years, with high quality cast vinyl and a long lasting metal finish. We could have opted to print the background, but given digital print won’t last as long as powdercoating, we opted for the slightly more expensive but far better lasting painted background.

    The real beauty of our production processes is we get to choose which is […]

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  • Menu boards for Perth Fish & Chips shop

    Plenty of cafes and food shops require menu boards and here at Perth Graphics Centre we can help.

    With our range of materials and finishes, we can either print a new menu board insert or we can print a whole new menu board entirely.

    Seen here is a brand new board, installed at Beach Fish and Chips in Rockingham. Our team of designers made the background nice and bright, while our installers were able to tackle this challenging roof-mounted installation.
    If you have a cafe, restaurant or a fish and chip shop, then we can help.
    Menu boards for Perth Fish & Chips shop was last […]

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  • Fleet signwriting: Perth Graphics Centre completes Fisheries fleet

    When you have a fleet of vehicles that needs signwriting, Perth Graphics Centre will make sure that they are done quickly, efficiently and consistently. Our colour matching is second to none and with a range of printing and vinyl-cutting options, it doesn’t matter whether your branding is one colour or full colour.

    We painstakingly measure each vehicle to ensure absolute uniformity, and if there are different models in the fleet, we will present you with a proof to show you how to carry your theme across your entire fleet.

    When the graphics are printed, we laminate with a UV-absorbing clear that extends the life […]

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  • Custom Whiteboards: Perth Graphics Centre can help

    A lot of businesses require custom made whiteboards, or grid lines applied to existing whiteboards, and here at Perth Graphics Centre, we specialise in creating a whiteboard that suits your business.

    Seen above is a custom whiteboard we did for the St John of God Hospital in Wembley. Taking an existing whiteboard, we added the grid-lines to allow various messages to be segregated into areas. It makes running the place easier and makes the writing more legible.
    Perhaps you only want a small whiteboard. Well, we can take smaller ones and add the grids to them. Or we can use a custom sized piece […]

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  • The best methods for sticker printing

    To make sure we are the best sticker printing company in Perth, we have concentrated on ink formulas, quality vinyls and proper curing methods. While other companies are all about buying the cheapest stocks to keep prices down, Perth Graphics Centre makes sure that every job that goes out of the door is perfect – after all, less wasted materials means lower production costs.

    Most production methods these days have gone away from traditional printing (such as screenprinting) and are now done using digital screen presses. Seen above is one of our printing presses.

    It’s true that digital printing is the way of […]

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  • Metal signs can be made with anti-graffiti coating

    Do you want your metal signs to be graffiti proof? With anti graffiti coatings available, Perth Graphics Centre can help.

    No sign is immune to graffiti, so Perth Graphics Centre has developed certain methods to minimise the damage made when someone graffitis your sign. With our state of the art finishes, spraycans or permanent markers don’t stand a chance.

    It must be said, that if someone wants to damage your sign, it’s going to happen no matter what. So, it’s all about minimisation. Nothing can stop a screwdriver or blade scratching your signs. But with our anti-graffiti coating on your sign, some methylated spirits […]

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  • Signage update for Alzheimers Australia’s Shenton Park branch

    Acrylic signs, freestanding signs, sign refurbishment, aluminium signs – Perth Graphics Centre does it all. So when Alzheimers Australia wanted to freshen up the Mary Chester Club, they called us in to help.

    The job was to use existing elements and combine them with new signs to make a seamless transition for Alzheimers Australia’s relaunch of its Mary Chester Club. Seen above is a new acrylic sign which uses satin chrome sign mounts to stand off the wall. It’s a simple but very neat way of installing wall signage.

    For the sign above, it was a matter of aluminium composite panel with cast vinyl […]

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  • Signage for shop fit outs – Perth Graphics Centre can help

    Signage use inside a shop for its fit out is something Perth Graphics Centre excels at, whether it’s a simple sign like the one show below, or a backlit sign like a lightbox.

    For this sign, we used a digital print onto an expanded PVC product which gives rigidity but is very light. We’ve also done it with hidden fixings to ensure a flush look that doesn’t have any unsightly screws.

    This sign’s effectiveness is thanks to high contrast. Using a bright red background against the light coloured logo in a brilliant way to make the sign stand out. Of course, if you need […]

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  • Using window signage in the best way

    Large windows are a brilliant place to put signage, and whether it’s solid graphics or one way vision, Perth Graphics Centre can make your window signs stand out.

    We will come and measure your windows as well as suggest the best placement for your signage, and then optionally provide a proof of how your window signs will look before we go ahead.

    Our printers use outdoor grade inks, plus with a protective overlaminate, our signs last. These windows for Harvey Norman in Joondalup were completed in a few hours by our skilled craftspeople, who also take pride in cleaning up after themselves, so your […]

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  • Signage on a van’s back window – use one way vision

    The back window of a van is a supreme area for placing signage, and one way vision prints are the most effective way to use it. It’s a large, flat area, and Perth Graphics Centre can print virtually any image on your back window.

    One way vision films are rated for 12 months outdoor life, though most people get longer than this with some simple care. Despite being a short-term film, the effect is well worth the effort.

    And if you’re concerned about your rear vision when it rains, then Perth Graphics Centre has a solution. We use an optically-clear overlaminate which prevents the […]

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Oliver from OHM BEVERAGES: “We can only recommend PGC, very professional team . Special thanks to Clare who did the design for our Mountain Fresh Fruit Juice delivery van . Keep up the good work guys!”