Signwriting a Toyota 86

Signwriting vehicles can be a challenge, especially when a company’s logo doesn’t fit the area well. But when a customer gives you free reign, signage for vehicles becomes a piece of artwork.


Galleria Toyota enlisted the help of Perth Graphics Centre to signwrite its Toyota 86, and the design has pleased both PGC and the customer.


Using high performance cast vinyl with a protective overlaminate, Perth Graphics Centre has been able to turn a plain silver vehicle into an eye-catching advertisement.


If you require vehicle or car signage, then call Perth Graphics Centre on 9248 6226 for a quote.

Corflute signs – the good, the bad and the ugly

Contrary to popular belief, not all corflute signs are made the same.


Because corflute has a low surface energy, it is quite difficult to get inks to adhere. Seen above is an example of poor ink adhesion. The company which printed these signs, didn’t take extra steps to improve the ink’s adhesion. However, here at Perth Graphics Centre, we do.


Using a pre-printed primer (the process is shown above), the inks actually cling to the corflute meaning no moisture absorption can lift the ink off. The primer we lay down onto the surface also helps prevent the inks from scratching off.

If you are ordering corflute signs from Perth Graphics Centre, you can be sure that your corflute signs will last the distance, and won’t peel, flake or lift. That means your business signage looks its best, and that imbues an air of quality. The next time you need corflute signs, make sure you get them from Perth Graphics Centre.

Novelty cheques

These days, Perth Graphics Centre is receiving a lot of enquiries about novelty cheques. These giant cheques are often used in promotional activities, competitions and for marketing purposes.


Usually made from a high-grade foam PVC, novelty cheques are a great way to catch the eye, and create interest in your charity or promotion.

If you would like a quote on novelty cheques, (or if you’re American, novelty checks), then head to our contact page to give us a call, or click here to email for a quote.