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Banner installation – doing it right with Perth Graphics Centre 0

Banner installation – doing it right with Perth Graphics Centre

Banners are a versatile method of advertising, but a lot of them are installed incorrectly. Find out how to do it correctly by getting Perth Graphics Centre to install your banners. Simply putting star pickets into the ground isn’t enough. Banners act like a sail and catch a lot of wind, so ensuring they don’t tear is critical. After all, a business doesn’t look all that professional when there’s a torn piece of canvas flapping around in front of a shop. Have a look in the corners of the banner shown here and you’ll notice that it isn’t just rope...

Banner Printing: Perth Graphics Centre leads the way 0

Banner Printing: Perth Graphics Centre leads the way

Event banners, promotional banners, pull up banners, advertising banners – our banner printing machine here at Perth Graphics Centre has been getting a real workout. And because we can print a few metres wide in one piece, there’s never a size that’s too big. Our heavy duty inks make sure that the colours on your banners really pop, but they still last for years outside. And with strong ropes and re-inforced eyelets, strength is never a question. No matter what kind of banner you’re after, we can make it. And with our banner printing done here in Perth, we don’t...

Banners, banners, banners! 7

Banners, banners, banners!

Perth Graphics Centre is designing more banners for Perth than ever before. Vinyl banners will make your business in Perth stand out. Perth Graphics Centre sews your banners with ropes and eyelets, making your banners stronger than the rest. Our banner makers print with outdoor grade inks ensuring your banners are long lasting, and Perth Graphics Centre knows that banners that last longer are more effective. We’re based in Malaga, and can courier everywhere to ensure you get your banners on time. Perth Graphics Centre can manufacture small banners, large banners, indoor banners, outdoor banners, roll up banners, retractable banners,...

Banners – Perth Graphics Centre is a leader in the field 0

Banners – Perth Graphics Centre is a leader in the field

If your requirement is banners, Perth Graphics Centre can help. Based in Western Australia, PGC specialises in banner printing and is Perth’s most reliable producer of large banners, small banners or billboard skins. Seen here is Perth Graphics Centre’s banner printer, a large format, high performance printing machine which etches ink into the surface of the banner. Perth’s harsh climate means you need the best quality print, and with our high-definition printing equipment, we ensure that there is no cracking or peeling of the ink. The banner printer is fast, too, meaning quick turnaround and excellent pricing. Banners are what...

Pull up banners 1

Pull up banners

Pull up banners Perth Western Australian company Solargain contacted Perth Graphics Centre to produce 12 banners for its Perth office, and as you can see, the results are especially effective. All of our banners are printed in-house, and with our super high-resolution printer, pull up banners come out crisp and bright. Our banners are also laminated, meaning they’re more durable, able to be pulled out and packed away without fear of scratching off the print. Above: Banner printing done right here in Perth. If you want pull up banners, Perth Graphics Centre is able to make anything from one to...

Banners – April Special for Western Australia 0

Banners – April Special for Western Australia

Perth Graphics Centre is proud to announce a special for advertising banners, made from outdoor durable PVC with ropes and eyelets. If you’re in WA, we’d like to offer you a 3 metre x 1 metre banner, full colour printed for the ultra-low price of $275 including GST for each printed banner. You can have any combination of text, photographs or graphics. Please call us for artwork requirements. Of course, if you have no artwork, we can create yours for a small fee. Contact us now, as this special is for internet users only!