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Vinyl wrapping a van: the revolution has begun

A vinyl wrap on a van is something that most sign shops can do, but here at Perth Graphics Centre we like to differentiate ourselves from the pack. While most companies are using a cast vinyl with cast overlaminate, Perth Graphics Centre’s research of the latest vinyl wrapping methods has led to a new method of creating vehicle wraps. Signage needs to last and it needs to look great for years, which is why our vehicle wraps no longer use vinyl as the final layer. Through experimentation and investigation, signage vinyl wraps by Perth Graphics Centre are being produced with...

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Trailer signage: Perth car dealership wraps its trailer

After a phone call from the eastern states, Perth Graphics Centre was contracted to print and install new graphics onto this barbeque trailer for Subaru WA. It was urgent because they wanted to use it for the upcoming Rally WA round. So, after obtaining the graphics, we went to work, making sure the colours were bright and the logos were crisp and sharp. An extra challenge was wrapping the hinges in the graphics, but our expert team of installers did a brilliant job. Using high performance Avery films and solvent-based outdoor inks, the images are vibrant and won’t fade for...

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Signage Wraps by Perth’s premier sign shop

Signage wraps are becoming more and more popular, as companies take advantage of blank vehicles to advertising their business. Perth Graphics Centre is leading the way in providing high quality, durable and classy signage wraps. How much of a vehicle do signage wraps cover? That all depends on how much you want to cover. Just about every part of the vehicle has the potential to be wrapped, however a much more cost effective way is to do a half wrap. Our wraps don’t need to cover the entire car – just use the largest, flattest area you have. This minimises...

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Truck wraps: Perth Graphics Centre completes furniture hire truck

Truck wraps by Perth Graphics Centre would have to be the most effective form of advertising your business can invest in. It lasts for years, catches attention and looks fantastic. Take this truck for example. It was looking quite tired but now has a new lease on life. Always use good quality vinyl for your truck wrap Using a combination of high performance Supreme Wrap film by Avery (click here for more info) and digital print, we have transformed an old truck body into one that it now a movable billboard. To ensure a high quality result, though, we require...

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Bonnet Wrap: Australian Flag

One of our customers came in and asked us if we could do a bonnet wrap on his Jeep Grand Cherokee. The answer, of course, was yes. But rather than simply wrapping the bonnet in a matt black or even a gloss black, this time, the request was a little different. As you can see here, he asked for an Australian flag. For us who do vehicle wraps all the time, it wasn’t a problem. And because we use Avery vinyls and laminates, the adhesion and longevity are guaranteed. The application took a couple of hours and the customer was...

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Vehicle Wraps

Executing a professional vehicle wrap isn’t as simple as just throwing on a sticker. Vehicle wraps need to be properly planned and properly carried out. Perth Graphics Centre’s expertise in vehicle wraps is evident in this wrap we did for Galleria Toyota. The design was planned around the shape of the car, and problem areas were identified. Each step was considered, including which panels would be laid down first to achieve the best result. The attention to detail was such that the panels were fitted from back to front, allowing the panels overlap toward the rear. This ensures that when...

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Signwriting a Hyundai i20

We’ve done plenty of vehicles for Dial A Doctor, being the preferred signage supplier. But we had only ever done Mitsubishi Colts. After careful consultation with the client, we decided on this simple but effective design for the Hyundai i20. It stands out and tells the public exactly what the person is there for. Signwriting cars is one of Perth Graphics Centre’s strengths, so if you need signs for your Perth-based business, please give us a call on 9248 6226.

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Vehicle Signage: Perth Graphics Centre’s long-term commitment

If you need confidence in your vehicle signage, Perth Graphics Centre is here to help. With some signs shops in Perth using inferior materials which curl up the edges, PGC always uses high-performance cast vinyls on vehicles. No exceptions. No cost-cutting. You’ll always get the longest lasting product when you order vehicle signs from Perth Graphics Centre. So, if you’ve been let down by substandard products in the past, head to our contact page and request a quote. Our long-term commitment is to always use long-term products.

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Van Wraps: Perth Graphics Centre wraps Volkswagen Crafter 35

The Volkswagen Crafter 35 is an excellent canvas to apply vehicle wraps to. Perth Graphics Centre tackled this van wrap by treating each panel as an individual. This allows us to speed up the printing, and match up edges more effectively. The print was done using Arlon 6000X with 3220 overlaminate, an extremely durable and conformable vinyl. Our team of professional qualified applicators took to the van wrap, leaving no area without attention. The end result is, as you can see, visually stunning and attractive. The customer, Chillout In Style, was extremely pleased with the result. If you have a...

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Van Signwriting: Volkswagen Transporter

When it comes to van signage and van signwriting, Perth Graphics Centre prides itself on quick turnaround and high quality workmanship. This is why Four Seasons Condoms approached Perth Graphics Centre to get its Volkswagen Transporter van signage done. It was needed for the weekend of Stereosonic, and with the artwork signed off, it was time to get underway. The van was signwritten with a combination of vinyl cut lettering and digital print, but with a minimalist look. It got the message across and the customer was extremely pleased. If van signage is something you require, head to our contact...

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Vehicle Wraps: Perth Graphics Centre leads the way

Vehicle Wraps Perth Perth Graphics Centre’s expert team of designers, printers and installers will make sure your vehicle wrap stands out from the crowd. It’s one thing to have lots of information, but if it gets lost in amongst flashes of colour and photos, then it’s wasted money. We’ll make sure your vehicle wraps stand out in Perth traffic, and grab the attention your business deserves. Just like this ice-cream van wrap, Perth Graphics Centre can ensure your vehicle wrap is eyecatching, bold and colourful, without being too busy. It’s a delicate balance, but PGC prides itself on producing high...

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Toyota Hilux service car signage

When it comes to service vehicles, there’s no doubt that in Australia, the Toyota HiLux is king. So when you need signwriting on your HiLux, Perth Graphics Centre is the place to head to. For loyal customer PR Power, Perth Graphics Centre used vinyl cut lettering, ensuring a long service life for signage. We can also combine digital print with vinyl cut lettering to make your signwriting really “pop”, and depending on your budget, a vehicle wrap may also be an option. Either way, Perth Graphics Centre’s elite team of designers and installers will make your car, ute or truck...

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Van wrap – PGC’s Hiace

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally allocated some time to redo our signage. Using high quality conformable vinyl, our van wrap is coming together nicely. You can see the work in progress, and how each piece is laid in place. Here’s one of our staff fitting the base green to one of the mirrors – a fun job. Once completed we’ll post up the results.

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Signwriting a Toyota 86

Signwriting vehicles can be a challenge, especially when a company’s logo doesn’t fit the area well. But when a customer gives you free reign, signage for vehicles becomes a piece of artwork. Galleria Toyota enlisted the help of Perth Graphics Centre to signwrite its Toyota 86, and the design has pleased both PGC and the customer. Using high performance cast vinyl with a protective overlaminate, Perth Graphics Centre has been able to turn a plain silver vehicle into an eye-catching advertisement. If you require vehicle or car signage, then call Perth Graphics Centre on 9248 6226 for a quote.

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Van signage for Mitsubishi Express

Yes, we’ve been pumping out van signwriting. This time it’s the Mitsubishi Express which has undergone the Perth Graphics Centre treatment. Signwriting for The Ultimate Clean was turned around quickly due to our high-speed equipment and quality installation. Using a combination of vinyl cut lettering, digital print and one-way vision, we have made a clean but bold design work on the Mitsubishi Express. Van signage is our specialty and can be as simple as a couple of phone numbers on doors, right through to a full vehicle wrap. Perth Graphics Centre’s expertise means your job comes out looking its best....

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Van Signage

Perth Graphics Centre was employed to freshen up the look of this Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van by signwriting it with new logos. Vastese Bakery wanted a simple and clean presentation, so the best way was just to put the logos on the back half of the van. When people require van signage or need van wraps, Perth Graphics Centre is who they turn to. As you can see by these logos, a van wrap is simply an extension of this sort of work. Making the logos go into and out of the recesses and swage lines is something that we are...

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Signage Wraps

If you need vehicle wraps, Perth Graphics Centre is here to help, especially when it comes to signage wraps. Whether it’s a full vehicle wrap, or a partial vehicle wrap, Perth Graphics Centre can organise design and installation. The car you see here was a partial wrap, and was chosen in these colours to keep completely in line with existing vehicles. We colour-matched a specific vinyl and despite it being a non-bubble-free vinyl, our expert installers were able to cover the car with no defects at all. If you require signage wraps, Perth Graphics Centre would be more than happy...