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Window signage 0

Window signage

With most shops having large windows for their storefronts, many are finding it advantageous to use the space available. Seen here are some windows signs Perth Graphics Centre completed for Harvey Norman in Midland. Our job was to measure the windows, and then print the signage to suit. Using high quality vinyl, UV durable inks and a protective overlaminate, the windows have now been transformed into advertising to catch the eye of customers walking past. Installation of the window signage was done very quickly, and with a white backing, the inside of the shop has had outside glare cut down,...

Car window signage 1

Car window signage

On every car, there’s a big back window which makes a perfect area to advertise. The most convenient way to do it is to use one-way vision, or Clear Focus – a product that has small holes which enables you to see out of it, while retaining a solid appearance on the outside. This lets you put your message on the back window. Not all one-way vision films are created equal, however. Perth Graphics Centre uses a special adhesive which is conformable to curve to most window shapes, while a protective overlaminate also prevents scuffing of the print. An additional...

Signage rebrand for Perth pharmacy 0

Signage rebrand for Perth pharmacy

Perth Graphics Centre was invited to rebrand the signage for Savemor Pharmacy after the company moved out from under the Guardian Pharmacy name. The job entailed replacing lightbox faces, installing large sailtrack banners, fitting vinyl to windows and installing foam PVC signs. Obviously, a signage rebrand like this takes time and careful planning. But that’s exactly what Perth Graphics Centre is best at. The end result was a job that made the customer extremely happy and to this date Savemor has been a loyal customer, buying many more signs from Perth Graphics Centre. If you’ve changed your business name and...

Photographic signs: Perth Graphics Centre a leader in the field 0

Photographic signs: Perth Graphics Centre a leader in the field

Often we’re asked to produce large photographic signs for clients looking to spruce up their work place. In full colour it certainly makes an impact, and one which gets the attention of your customers. Seen here are large 3.6m x 2.4m prints used to jazz up the local bottle shop. With pictures of the associated wineries, both the supplier and customer were pleased with the result. If you would like to have large photographic signs to make your workplace stand out, please head to our contact page to enquire.

Corporate rebranding signage 0

Corporate rebranding signage

Business signage often needs to be changed when a rebrand is necessary. Perth Graphics Centre was enlisted to help with the rebranding of Minkz Furniture’s building to ModernLiving Furniture in Osborne Park. Using a high strength sailtrack skin, Perth Graphics Centre replaced the existing banner and lightbox faces with new signage. The signage now reflects the new corporate look and the rebranding is complete. If you’re a business who needs signage to assist with rebranding, then please give us a call. Perth Graphics Centre will be happy to quote on your new signs.

Wall graphics: Perth Graphics Centre completes WA Police Media room 0

Wall graphics: Perth Graphics Centre completes WA Police Media room

When the WA Police needed wall graphics, Perth Graphics Centre was called on to make-over the media room. With a new WA Police crest, a new backdrop was created. The original backdrop was made from three panels of acrylic which were vinyl wrapped. While the effect was nice, the gaps between the acrylic sheets was visible, creating a black line every time cameras focussed on it. We devised a solution: clad the wall first and then apply the print over the cladded wall. The effect is a continuous print that looks great under strong lighting and can be used in...

Van Wraps: Perth Graphics Centre wraps Volkswagen Crafter 35 1

Van Wraps: Perth Graphics Centre wraps Volkswagen Crafter 35

The Volkswagen Crafter 35 is an excellent canvas to apply vehicle wraps to. Perth Graphics Centre tackled this van wrap by treating each panel as an individual. This allows us to speed up the printing, and match up edges more effectively. The print was done using Arlon 6000X with 3220 overlaminate, an extremely durable and conformable vinyl. Our team of professional qualified applicators took to the van wrap, leaving no area without attention. The end result is, as you can see, visually stunning and attractive. The customer, Chillout In Style, was extremely pleased with the result. If you have a...

Car signs: Nissan Micra 0

Car signs: Nissan Micra

The diminuitive Nissan Micra isn’t usually the first choice for vehicle signage.Yet here at Perth Graphics Centre, we can turn any vehicle into a blank canvas. Using a combination of vinyl cut lettering and digital printing, plus one-way vision for the rear window, we have created a neat little advertising space for United Family Day Care. The customer was extremely pleased with the result, and we’re sure that if you need vehicle signage, you will be too. Call Perth Graphics Centre by heading to our contact page to ask about signwriting your cars.

Van wrap – PGC’s Hiace 0

Van wrap – PGC’s Hiace

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally allocated some time to redo our signage. Using high quality conformable vinyl, our van wrap is coming together nicely. You can see the work in progress, and how each piece is laid in place. Here’s one of our staff fitting the base green to one of the mirrors – a fun job. Once completed we’ll post up the results.

Novelty cheques 4

Novelty cheques

These days, Perth Graphics Centre is receiving a lot of enquiries about novelty cheques. These giant cheques are often used in promotional activities, competitions and for marketing purposes. Usually made from a high-grade foam PVC, novelty cheques are a great way to catch the eye, and create interest in your charity or promotion. If you would like a quote on novelty cheques, (or if you’re American, novelty checks), then head to our contact page to give us a call, or click here to email for a quote.

Signage for shopfitting 0

Signage for shopfitting

Here at Perth Graphics Centre, we’re no strangers to shopfitting and signs to make your retail outlets look their best. Macpac, an New Zealand clothing company, enlisted Perth Graphics Centre for its signage for the new Perth store on Hay Street. It was a combination of vinyl cutting, flatbed digital printing, and digital wallpaper. The result is a stunning looking shop with eye-catching photos and lifestyle images designed to appeal to adventurous types. The wallpaper was used in the fitting rooms, giving a panoramic look as you step inside. We also made lightboxes for the store, as well as awning...

Signage for rebranding 0

Signage for rebranding

On occasion a shop will change its name or rebrand its look. When Savemor Pharmacy decided to move away from the Guardian Pharmacy franchise, Perth Graphics Centre was called upon to create the signage for the new brand. We removed the old signs, installed new ones and the client now has a new name. The process took around a week because of being based in a regional centre, however we were able to get the signs installed on time and to fit the cost the client had allocated. Perth Graphics Centre used metal signs, window signs with a combination of...

Printed doors 1

Printed doors

Printing directly to doors is now possible, with Perth Graphics Centre’s latest technology – flatbed digital printing. Even with Stanford doors having recessed panels, we can print onto doors and have vibrant, full colour images jumping out at you. The prints are waterproof and can be done onto a variety of door types. Here is one of the doors being printed. Even double doors can be printed, as long as they are marked as to which way they hang. As you can see from the image below, the effect is quite astounding. If you want to brighten up your house,...

Jetrix 2030 FRK Flatbed Digital Printer 0

Jetrix 2030 FRK Flatbed Digital Printer

Perth Graphics Centre has embarked on its mission to become the most advanced sign shop in Perth with the acquisition of the latest in signmaking technology. The Jetrix 2030 FRK is the highest quality, fastest sign printer on the market and gives Perth Graphics Centre the capability to expand its business to beyond run-of-the-mill signwriting. Using sophisticated liquid plastic inks, this flatbed printer puts images direct to metal, corflute, MDF, mesh, wooden doors – you name it, we can print it. Effectively a digital screen press, screenprinting is a thing of the past. Printing onto vinyl and then laminating onto...

2012: A big year for signs in Perth 0

2012: A big year for signs in Perth

Perth Graphics Centre kicks off 2012 with a bang: New equipment, a revised workspace and more firepower to get your signs made quickly. As you can see above, we’ve redone our production area to have a cleaner, more streamlined look. The walls have be repainted grey to ensure colour matching is as accurate as possible. Our new flat-bed printer will be commissioned in a few weeks’ time and will ensure quality, speed and accuracy are unrivalled. In addition we’ve strengthened our supplier relationships to ensure we’re always in stock with the highest quality materials to make your signs last as...

Wall signs 0

Wall signs

Wall signs take many forms and use many different materials. You can have corflute wall signs, acrylic wall signs, foam PVC wall signs, posters and even digital wallpaper. It all depends on what you want to display on your wall. If you have an idea you have in mind, then feel free to run it past us. We’ll be able to advise you on the best way to go about it. Most commonly, wall signs are done using colorbond or aluminium composite panel. You can use clear acrylic as well (as shown above) or even frosted acrylic. There are so...

Flat-bed printing: Perth’s latest signmaking technology 1

Flat-bed printing: Perth’s latest signmaking technology

Flatbed printing is the latest in sign-making technology. Flat bed printing allows Perth Graphics Centre to print onto virtually any clean surface in high resolution and high speed. Using ultra-violet light to cure the outdoor-grade inks, the flat-bed printer prints direct to the substrate making corflute signs, metal signs and plastic signs a quick and easy affair. This is in contrast with the current method of signmaking whereby inks are printed onto vinyl and then the vinyl is applied to the surface. Removing this laborious process allows Perth Graphics Centre to speed up turnaround and to control consistency. Flat bed...

Lightbox in Claremont 0

Lightbox in Claremont

We were asked to produce a lightbox rebranding for Claremont Kebabs recently, and turn it around extremely quickly, as the original sign had been damaged by a truck. We were only too happy to help. Using 4.5mm opal acrylic, we digitally printed the face of the six metre long sign, and as you can see it stands out both night and day. Claremont Kebabs is over the moon with their new sign, something we at Perth Graphics Centre are very happy about. If you have a lightbox or indeed require any signage at all, then head to our contact page...

Banner stands 0

Banner stands

Perth Graphics Centre is currently churning out banner stands like there’s no tomorrow. Due to their high resolution and low cost, these are a perfect piece of display equipment, showcasing anything you want, from business ideas to photographs of your product. The face size of banner stands is 2000mm high by 850mm wide, and the cassette mechanism is constructed from durable aluminium. The banner section is a high-strength polypropylene which allows the face to remain non-curl. We also laminate with a protective coating which gives a matt finish – preventing glare from distracting from your message – and which also...

Clear Focus 0

Clear Focus

Clear Focus is a brand name for one way vision sign material which goes on the outside of any window. It allows for the user to print their image on the outside, and for it to be clearly seen, while still being able to see out of that same window. How it works is via tiny perforations in the vinyl, and with a black adhesive, the light inside is absorbed, while with its white face, the light outside is reflected, thereby giving you a one-way effect. It’s perfect for rear windows, side windows, office windows and other windows that can...