One Way Vision for doors and windows

For a unique solution to keep visibilty going in one direction, why not consider One Way Vision? This clever product uses small perforations and a black adhesive to allow light through, but prevents people seeing in.


This door and window combination was covered in one way vision to keep prying eyes out, but enable those in the office to see what’s happening outside. This product can be used for building windows, car windows or even office partitioning.

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  • Darren| July 13, 2014

    Hi I am looking at getting a quote for one way vision for the front windows and doors for the office.

    The sizes are 945 W x 2090 H and the door is 750 W and 1885 H ?

    We would also require install, can we supply the pics for the windows ?

    Please let me know.


    Darren Skelton
    0413 958 391

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