Herbie the Love Bug Volkswagen Beetle decal kit


Perth Graphics Centre can now supply movie-authentic Herbie decal kits complete for a Volkswagen Beetle. Using templates provided by a Herbie enthusiast, we’ve been able to vectorise the kit which can be fitted in the exact locations used in the movie.


This particular Love Bug is used in racing, and as such has a Porsche engine under its boot lid. That made it a little more difficult, as we had to deal with air vent holes which normally aren’t present on a Herbie VW Beetle.


It took a little extra time to mold the vinyl around the air vents but the results speak for themselves. Normally we would mount the rear 53 a lot higher, but placing it lower made those curves and bumps a lot easier to deal with.


If you’d like a price on a Volkswagen Beetle Herbie “The Love Bug” kit, then please head to our contact page.

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3 Responses

  1. Damian Nelson says:

    I am interested in some exterior graphics for my Silver 2001 VW Beetle. I wanted to know if you make the Herbie decals for the new style Beetle. Also I have seen some other exterior body graphics for the Beetle in a few magazines.

  2. Marc says:

    Hi I would like on of these kits but an wondering if it is available as a magnet kit rather than a perminate sticker kit? Also is the gumball for the hood bigger than the rest as per original? Thanks

  3. Stuart maudsley says:

    Hi, could you call me as I love to buy the herbie decals… 0400766165

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