Domed stickers and badges


Doming is a term used to describe a unique process whereby we apply a polyurethane resin to the surface of stickers to create a three dimensional domed or ‘bubble’ look.

Applications of domed stickers include:

  • Computer badges
  • Modems
  • Alarm systems
  • Car badges
  • Name tags
  • Asset management labels
  • Beer tap labels
  • Fridge stickers
  • and much, much more.


Most shapes are possible as long as you have rounded corners, and sizes can vary, but to get the best effect, keep it simple and small. You can use chrome, silvers, golds, special effect materials and even individual letters.

All our domed stickers and badges are created in-house, meaning quick turnaround and low prices. They’re outdoor durable and can be applied to self-adhesive and badges.

Contact us to enquire about your options for doming your stickers.

Comment (5)

  • Daniel| July 19, 2010

    Hi looking for a sticker with

    “VW recovery vehicle” for back window of a pajero using the VW logo or something similiar to this

    Can you please provide a quote



  • Erin| December 5, 2010

    im just looking for a sticker for the rear window of my car 🙂
    all i was hoping to get with a transparent background, and a blue-like colour for the text, was:

    U2 – rattle ‘n’ hum

    to go on the bottom of the rear window,
    i have a ford festiva,97′ so however big it needs to be. a quote is fine for now then ill make my decision late on.


  • Lindsay| January 31, 2011

    Looking for a sticker that we can put onto our products as advertising our company.
    I would like an oval shape approx 50mm x 30mm with a height of around 2-3mm.
    Also would like some help with the design and maybe a silver backing with one or two colours.
    Thank you,
    Regards Lindsay.

  • jaden| July 27, 2011

    i would like a sticker made up for the back of my toolbox… about 600×400 mm

  • Pieter| February 6, 2014


    I would like to know the rough cost for 6 domed stickers. The image is basically a flag and the size of it must be roughly 50 x 50 mm.


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