Perth Graphics Centre makes signs, banners, car magnets and corflute signs for Perth businesses
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  • Banners: Perth Graphics Centre’s printers cope with constant demand

    Posted on February 21st, 2011 admin No comments

    When it comes to banners, Perth Graphics Centre is king. We’ve printed so many banners, Perth is literally covered in them.


    So far, kilometres of banners have been printed, to the point where we’ve had to upgrade our machinery to cope. Our industrial-grade solvent printers allow us to achieve the finest detail and best colours, while still being able to meet customer’s deadlines.

    Usually turnaround is about a week, and if you want just one, it’s no hassles. We can also print hundreds for product launches or specials. A simple “Now Open!” is also a great idea to attract attention.

    Then you have the large format version you can see above, which was used as a sailtrack skin in place of metal.

    If you want banners, Perth Graphics Centre is your one-stop-shop. Send us a size and a quantity over the email, and we’ll fire a quote back to you straight away.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Banner printing, Perth turns to PGC

    Posted on February 16th, 2011 admin 2 comments

    Banner printing is one of the most common requests we are asked for at Perth Graphics Centre. With our large format solvent-based ink printer, banner printing is simple and cost effective.


    Banner printing also eliminates vinyl being stuck onto the banner, which has the tendency to curl up and fall off over time. Banner printing saves time as it’s run through our printer in one pass, plus it enables outdoor durability. Your printed banner can come with ropes, eyelets, pockets or any combination of the three.

    Standard sizes are 3m x 1m and 2.4m x 1.2m, however any size is possible, from 600mm x 1200mm right up to grand format 6m x 24m. The limit is simply your budget and the area you want to fill.

    Banner printing allows you to roll up your banner, so you don’t have to worry about cracking or peeling of the inks. If you’ve got a large quantity, we can also pass on a discount. Please head to our contact page to find out more about banner printing.

  • Banner signs – Perth’s most diverse range

    Posted on February 8th, 2011 admin 2 comments

    We’re often asked if we do banners – Perth Graphics Centre specialises in them. We do vinyl banners, rollup banners and flag banners.


    Vinyl banners are the easiest and cheapest sign to make in a large size or quantity and because they can be rolled up and stored, vinyl banners can be used over and over again.

    Perth Graphics Centre can produce vinyl banners big enough to cover the side of a building (like the one we did for Scitech above), or to cross a street. Alternatively you can make a banner sign to sit out the front of your shop with a big “SALE NOW ON” message if you require.

    Anything is possible, so please tell us what kind of banner sign you’re after, and we’ll get you the best price and the quickest turnaround. Call us today.

  • Street pole banners – promote your suburb

    Posted on February 8th, 2011 admin No comments

    With several councils opting to use street pole banners, Perth Graphics Centre is happy to offer a solution to print and install the banners whether it be one or one hundred.


    With double sided banners, the best way is to install two banners back to back, and we use self tensioning cords and springs to keep it nice and tight, yet allowing enough give for wind not to affect it.

    Perth Graphics Centre has the equipment, manpower and experience to get your suburb’s message across and increase your exposure. Head to our contact page to ask for a quote today.

  • Sailtrack banner skin – large format signage

    Posted on January 25th, 2011 admin No comments

    Often we are asked to install a sign which is bigger than a single sheet size of sign material like corflute or signwhite. This means joins which can be unsightly. The solution? A sailtrack banner skin.


    Using a special aluminium track and kedar edging, the banner becomes a tight skin which can be stretched to fit the size needed. The sign above was requested to be made out of three sheets of corflute due to its size (several metres long). To be honest, this wouldn’t have looked very nice.


    Perth Graphics Centre opted to produce a sailtrack banner skin, enabling a single face to be created, while still giving outdoor life of a few years. We can produce a sign 2.5-metres tall by 20-metres long if necessary, and all in one piece.

    Call us with any questions, or ask for a quote on your large format signs.

  • PVC vinyl banners

    Posted on October 12th, 2010 admin 1 comment

    PVC vinyl banners are a quick and effective way of getting your message across. Using ropes and eyelets, these PVC vinyl banners are lightweight and strong, as well as being easy to put up yourself.


    Vinyl banners are made from PVC which is woven and coated, making it extremely strong and able to be used outdoors. Exterior grade banners can often replace traditional metal signage when stretched tight and capped with an aluminium sail track edge.

    Banners can certainly be cheap depending on your size and quantity requirements. All our vinyl banners are printed with solvent based inks, meaning the lettering won’t crack or peel off like traditional vinyl stuck onto banner material.

    Using solvent based digital print also means you can create full colour graphics, and with our 2.5m wide printer, achieving large format sizes is no problem.

  • Banners – April Special for Western Australia

    Posted on April 13th, 2010 admin No comments


    Perth Graphics Centre is proud to announce a special for advertising banners, made from outdoor durable PVC with ropes and eyelets.

    If you’re in WA, we’d like to offer you a 3 metre x 1 metre banner, full colour printed for the ultra-low price of $275 including GST for each printed banner.


    You can have any combination of text, photographs or graphics. Please call us for artwork requirements. Of course, if you have no artwork, we can create yours for a small fee.

    Contact us now, as this special is for internet users only!

  • Fascia Signage – Handcrafters House

    Posted on January 20th, 2010 admin No comments


    Our client, Handcrafters House in Midland WA needed a sign on their fascia but the deadline was quite tight. Rather than us tell the story, we thought it better to post the unedited Testimonial supplied by the owner, Michelle:

    Recently I purchased a new premises for my patchwork & quilting business in Midland. The fascias on this building are huge and I wasn’t really sure where to start.

    I found Perth Graphics Centre online through the Yellow Pages and emailed them to which they replied first thing the following morning. (Note to self – prompt and professional). A day or so later Tony and I were standing out the front of my shop measuring the signage area and discussing what would be needed.

    As I dabble in a bit of graphic design I wanted to design my own signage, which was not a problem for Perth Graphics. After a lot of emails back and forth, due mainly to my indecision on colour, design, size and placement (after all I wanted it to be perfect) we came to the final product which was installed less than a week later! All of this happened in the weeks leading up to Christmas, one of the most busiest times of the year.

    I was so impressed with Tony & Clare’s team at Perth Graphics that I offered to write to this testimonial. The quality of their work, their professionalism and their patience with my ever changing mind is second to none. And now my artwork sits proudly above my shop for all to see! Thank you Perth Graphics!”

    Thankyou Michelle. We appreciate the business too! Just a side note… Whilst this sign was being installed, we had one gentleman approach us and ask where Handcrafters House had shifted to. He saw the sign and pulled in off the street to come and see what Handcrafters House had to offer! Proof positive that good signage really does work.”

  • Roll up and Pull up banner stands

    Posted on August 21st, 2009 admin 8 comments

    Did you need a portable display system that’s compact yet able to display a big message? Then look no further than the Roll Up Banner range from Perth Graphics Centre. WA’s best signage company brings you the best options for getting your name out there.


    There are several models to choose from, from the Economy, right through the the Deluxe model. There’s also plenty of options for gloss and matt finishes, meaning you can get the look you’re after. Don’t despair with artwork – we can put that together, too.

    The Roll Up Banner, also known as a Pull Up Banner, is made from a heavy duty polyester, which is non-curl. It can be rolled up and reused thousands of times over. Call us on (08) 9249 5599 for more details and prices.

  • Revamp your signage

    Posted on June 24th, 2009 admin No comments

    When you want to renew your signage after a few years, or if you want a completely fresh look, speak to us about new signage. We can send a consultant to discuss the best techniques for signwriting your building, vehicles, fleets, or even labels and stickers.


    Thousands of colours, and hundreds of materials are at our disposal to make your business look its best. Our high quality large format digital printers can also print full colour, so even photographs or blends are not an issue. And it’s all at excellent prices with quick turnaround.

    Remember, a business with no sign is a sign of no business.

  • Banners are a specialty

    Posted on June 21st, 2009 admin No comments

    Occasionally, Perth Graphics Centre is called upon to engineer a solution for a particular application. In the case of Scitech in Perth, the requirement was that banners needed to be changed without using a Cherry Picker each time. Our team was able to create a system that allows the banners to be changed over in a short time without having to use high lift equipment.

    Pic of Scitech Banner Perth

    Pic of Scitech Banner Perth