Banners: Perth’s best quality

These days, a lot of banners are being produced, not in Perth, but in China. The problem with banners not made in Perth is there’s no control over quality.


Here at Perth Graphics Centre, we make all our banners here in Perth. We don’t outsource and we have complete control over all aspects of our banner’s production. From the banner printing to the banner sewing, Perth Graphics Centre is able to ensure that the highest quality materials are used.

Some banner material is very light-weight and doesn’t have a high tear strength. Our banners are of high quality PVC, with excellent wind and tear resistance as well as non-cracking and non-yellowing. This is important, especially with sale campaign banners or banners for outdoor sporting events. In fact we only make outdoor-grade banners.

We have samples of our banners here in our Perth showroom, so if you’d like to test it out for yourself, feel free to give us a call or pop in to check it out. Our details are on our contact page. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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