Pull-Up banners

If you’re in need of pull-up banners, Perth Graphics Centre can help. Many people are requesting pullup banners for displays, promotions, shopping centre stands – you name it.


Because they’re light and easily transported with their own carry bag, pullup banners are a great solution for a quick and easy sign. Great for branding, you can have your business name and logo near entrance doors, or beside your display.

They are strong, are budget-friendly and can be used time and time again. Click here for a quote on pull-up banners, and Perth Graphics Centre also gives quantity discounts.

Lifesize cutouts

With our new flatbed printer, we have been able to ramp up production of our lifesize cutouts. Because we print directly to the boards, repeatablity for long runs is simple, while one-offs can be catered for as well.


Seen here is a lifesize cutout for the West Coast Eagles, with the head taken out so people can stand behind it and instantly “become” one of the Eagles. It’s a clever little marketing tool, and one that may work well for your business.

If you have a promotion where lifesize cutouts would be of use, then by all means email us the picture you’d like to use and we’ll happily supply you a price. Whether it’s a one-off for a wedding, or fifty for shopping centres, Perth Graphics Centre will be able to help. Just click here to request a quote.

One Way Vision for doors and windows

For a unique solution to keep visibilty going in one direction, why not consider One Way Vision? This clever product uses small perforations and a black adhesive to allow light through, but prevents people seeing in.


This door and window combination was covered in one way vision to keep prying eyes out, but enable those in the office to see what’s happening outside. This product can be used for building windows, car windows or even office partitioning.

Why not email us (click here) and ask for a quote for your windows?

Signs for vehicles

When you’re making signs for vehicles, it’s important to always use the highest quality materials available.


For this Nissan Murano, we’ve used the longest lasting vinyl available, called “cast” vinyl. The vinyl is, as the name suggests, cast into shape, rather than stretched (like cheaper vinyls), eliminating the chance of shrinkage. The pigments and adhesives all last longer with a cast vinyl, ensuring you get years of life from your vehicle signs. Perth Graphics Centre always uses cast vinyl on vehicles, as we can be confident it will stand the test of time.

If you have vehicles which you need signs on, then call Perth Graphics Centre, or click here to email us for a quote. We’re here to help.