Perspex signage

Perspex signage, or acrylic signage is something Perth Graphics Centre is producing every week.


Using clear acrylic, the signs we make are perfect for reception signs, display signs or etch-look signs, whereby we use a sandblast etch vinyl to create a sandblasted look.

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Signage for rebranding

On occasion a shop will change its name or rebrand its look. When Savemor Pharmacy decided to move away from the Guardian Pharmacy franchise, Perth Graphics Centre was called upon to create the signage for the new brand.


We removed the old signs, installed new ones and the client now has a new name. The process took around a week because of being based in a regional centre, however we were able to get the signs installed on time and to fit the cost the client had allocated.


Perth Graphics Centre used metal signs, window signs with a combination of vinyl cut lettering and digital print. It’ll last for years and keep the brand top of mind.

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Building signage: Perth Graphics Centre leads the way

These days, building signage is extremely important, and Perth Graphics Centre is leading the charge to ensure your business signs are seen by all.


For those looking for a slightly cheaper option to cover large areas of walls, why not consider a sailtrack skin? Seen above, it’s an effective way to get your message across without unsightly joins or seams. The signs are also lightweight and can be changed fairly easily for promotional work.

For building signs which stand the test of time, see the crew here at Perth Graphics Centre and we’ll ensure your signage is completed in not only a timely fashion, but on budget, too.

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Van signage for Mitsubishi Express

Yes, we’ve been pumping out van signwriting. This time it’s the Mitsubishi Express which has undergone the Perth Graphics Centre treatment.


Signwriting for The Ultimate Clean was turned around quickly due to our high-speed equipment and quality installation. Using a combination of vinyl cut lettering, digital print and one-way vision, we have made a clean but bold design work on the Mitsubishi Express.


Van signage is our specialty and can be as simple as a couple of phone numbers on doors, right through to a full vehicle wrap. Perth Graphics Centre’s expertise means your job comes out looking its best.

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