3D signs – three dimensional lettering

To make a sign literally stand out, 3D lettering is a good option. It’s a fantastic way of getting attention while still looking classy.


3D signage commands more of a premium than flat lettering, but as it casts its own shadow when sunlight hits it, there’s no need to print anything. It also gives a more exclusive look.


As you can see, building signage is transformed, and when Osborne Ceramic Centre wanted a new look, three-dimensional lettering was the only way to go.


They can be made from plastic, metal or wood, so please ask us for suggestions when you get us to quote your signs.

Car signage

Signwriting a car is often more of a challenge than signwriting a van or signwriting a truck. There are curves and creases to work around.


Shown here is a Chrysler PT Cruiser which we did signwriting for. It’s promoting a flight simulator business, and as you can see, the design makes it stand out rather well.


The back window is done in Clear Focus, a one-way vision product which allows you to see out while still allowing graphics to be seen.

If you have a car you’d like signwritten, then contact us and we can organise a quote. We can offer a proof service